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Container Sizes

​​Residential & Commercial Roll-off Containers

Container size Length in feet Width in feet Height in feet
10 cubic yard 12 8 3.5
20 cubic yard 22 8 4.5
30 cubic yard 22 8 6
40 cubic yard 22 8 7.5
All containers have a back door that swings open for loading convenience. For reference, the average dimensions of a pick-up truck bed is 6 ft. long, 4.5 feet wide and 2 feet high and holds approximately  2 yards of material. Again this is just on average, and should not be considered an exact science.
To determine cubic yardage:
Multiple length x width x height and divide by 27 = cubic yards
Quick tips:
Roofing Material:           
Roughly a 10 cubic yard container holds approximately 20 squares of roofing shingle and a 20 cubic yard container holds approximately 40 squares of roofing shingles. Make sure you are factoring in multiple layers if applicable.
When disposing of dirt or concrete, the largest dumpster that can be used is a 20 cubic yard container. Also, it has to be kept down one foot from the top of the container. Anything larger than a 20 cubic yard container filled with this material would be too heavy for our trucks to haul.

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Front Load Containers
Container size Length in feet Width in feet Height in feet
2 cubic yard 6 3 3
4 cubic yard 6 4.5 4
6 cubic yard 6 6 4.5
8 cubic yard 6 6.5 5.5
Front load containers can be equipped with a locking mechanism for an additional fee. Two and Four yard containers can be equipped with wheels. We do not recommend putting wheels on 4 yard containers that need to be moved more than 10-15 feet. Additional fees apply for wheel assembly.​
Quick tip for determining the size you may need:
2 yard container holds approximately 14 bags of trash
4 yard container holds approximately 28 bags of trash
6 yard container holds approximately 42 bags of trash
8 yard container holds approximately 56 bags of trash

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