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How much advance notice do you need to deliver a container?

Typically, if you order before noon, we can deliver the dumpster that same day. If you place your order after noon, it will be delivered the next day. We deliver Monday through Friday.

Does the container have a door that opens?

All dumpsters have a door that swings open. It is the first end that comes off the truck and the door in most cases swings open from left to right. The door is hinged on the right side.

Can I put the container on the street?

You must first check with the city that you live in for permission. Some cities require a street permit in order to do so.

How high can I load the container?

You can load the container “water level” which means you can only fill it level with the rim of the container. It cannot be heaped up in the center and you cannot have material sticking several feet over the top. If you are in between sizes, it’s probably best to go with the larger size so that you do not attempt to overfill the dumpster. Safety is our first priority and overloaded containers cannot be hauled. When loading a container with concrete or dirt, the dumpster has to kept at least 15 inches from the top of the container.

Do containers come with covers?

All roll-off containers are open top which means they do not come equipped with a lid or cover. Upon pick up, the loads are covered using a tarp system so that they are covered while in transport.

How much space (width & height) clearance do you need to place a container?

We need at least 10 ft. in width and 12 ft. height clearance to drop-off a container.

How long can I keep the container?

The initial price that you pay includes 10 days to fill the container. If you decide to keep the container longer than that period, there is a daily charge for each day thereafter of $10.00.

Will Pete and Pete automatically come to remove the container on the 10th day?

No, we do not automatically come out on the 10th day to remove the container. You must call our office to have the container removed. If you call before noon, we can remove it the same day. If you call after 12:00, it will be removed the next day. We pick up containers Monday through Friday. If keeping the container longer than 10 days, just call when you are finished. At that time, arrangements will be made for payment of any balance due and we will remove the container.

Does someone need to be present at the time of delivery?

We always suggest that someone be onsite at the time of delivery to instruct our driver where to place the container and to sign the waiver in order for us to enter your property. However, if it is not possible to be present, we can drop the container, assuming that you sign and return a delivery waiver. We will also need instructions on where to place the container on your property. It is possible that placement instructions can get lost in translation, therefore, we always encourage our customers to have someone on site.

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