6 Yard Front Load Container

6 Yard Front Load Container & dumpster.

Size: 4 ½’ x 6’ x 6’

  • Wheels not available
  • Can add lock bar for one time fee of $125 (Slant dumpster only)
  • 2 styles:
    • Flat Top Frontload: Two side doors & top flip lids: recommended for wide corrals, low side door loading height. Smaller debris can be disposed of thru side doors and large debris thru the top lids.
    • Slant Frontload: No side doors, 2 slant top lids, lower front height for loading: recommended for lower front access, narrow corrals.


  • 2x month: $105.00
  • 1x week: $160.00
  • 2x week: $235.00
  • 3x week: $314.00
  • fuel surcharges may apply

6 Yard Front Load Container Capacity

6 Yard Front Load Container holds roughly 42 average size trash bags

  • Add $15.00 per month for wheels
  • Add $10.00 per month for locks
  • No wheels available on 6 yard & 8 yard containers

Note: pricing is for Cuyahoga County. Service is provided outside Cuyahoga County, but may be subject to additional charges. Please contact us for a quote.